Backcountry Camp Knife


Backcountry Knives

A solid knife can take care of the chores of several tools. Whether it’s preparing kindling for a fire,
clearing a shooting lane, cleaning a trout or dressing out a deer, our Backcountry Series knives are
the best all-around blades for any job. With full-length tapered tangs for maximum balance and
tough canoe-shaped resin-laminated canvas handles, you’ll have a head start on the toughest
outdoor jobs. Browning Backcountry knives are as close to being custom as you’ll ever find in a
production knife. Leather sheath included.


Type fixed blade

BladeS Sandvik® 12C27 stainless steel

Handle brown resin-laminated canvas

Features Top-grain leather sheath

Sharpening stone included with Camp Knife

Options we carry

Backcountry Camp Knife 61⁄4″ 

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