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CCI Ammunition


CCI® is the leader in rimfire ammunition. Whether you’re looking to shoot targets, small critters or reload with the finest primers, CCI has the product you want and need. No forensic evidence needed to prove that CCI loads are devastating on impact. Chosen brand of World IPSC Champion Eric Grauffel.

When you shoot CCI®, you always leave your mark. Whether you’re on the wide open plains over-looking a prairie dog town, or shooting at the range, the evidence is obvious. You’ve chosen CCI for a reason, and your fellow hunters and shooters know that. They take note of your advanced, highly-specialized ammunition.

Varmint Ammunition

If you need forensic evidence to prove that CCI varmint loads are explosive on impact,you must be shooting blindfolded. When you put the crosshairs on your target and pull the trigger, you’ll witness the impressive terminal performance of these specialized loads.

Small Game Ammunition

Take a look at pelts or small game harvested with CCI ammunition, and you’ll notice a few distinct qualities. Clean holes and minimal tissue damage are a constant because we design this ammunition with the hide and meat hunter in mind.


Spotting CCI shooters on the range isn’t hard. Look for tight groups or cans with several holes in them. Regardless of the target, our ammunition delivers. Whether you’re shooting a rifle or pistol, we have a high-performance load for you.

Pets Control / Specialty

Our specialized loads and attention to details are never more noticeable than with these options. Our pest and specialty offerings set CCI apart from everyone else. Pests can be hard-to-hit problems, even at close range. For situations like this, CCI offers rimfire, as well as centerfire pistol, shotshell options.


Reloaders don’t have to look any further than CCI for their primer needs. With a complete line, we’ve really got something for everyone. The mainstays of reloading, our Standard Rifle and Pistol Primers are remarkably reliable and clean-burning.

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