Federal Premium Ammunition

Federal Premium

At Federal Premium® Ammunition, we understand that your time in the field is a hard-earned reward for dedication all week. You’ve paid your dues and it’s time to connect with your true passion—the outdoors. Our ammunition advancements help you to be a more effective hunter and shooter. Choose Federal Premium because you won’t accept anything less than the best. 

Federal Premium is proud to offer the widest variety of ammunition offerings in the business. 

  • Rifle
  • Handgun
  • Shotgun Slugs - Find out how well these slugs do out to 200-yards.
  • Shotshell - Here you’ll find the most extensive offering of top-quality shotshell ammunition available.
  • Buckshot - Experience the tightest buckshot patterns available when you select one of the available FLITECONTROL® options.
  • Rimfire - Rimfire ammunition is perfect for practice, plinking and competition and has very mild recoil.

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