About Lyons Country Store

George Stanley Lyons was born in Clairville, New Brunswick and raised in the 1930s. He began his entrepreneurial career at a young age, as a butcher, selling his products locally in Kent and Westmorland Counties.

Hunting and fishing were always George’s favourite past time activities and in the 1930s, fishing for trout in the river was also an easy meal. It wasn’t long before this driven entrepreneur would decide to turn his passion for the great outdoors into his full time job.

George Stanley Lyons opened Lyons Country Store in the fall of 1959, catering to the needs of hunters and fishermen. Back then, Lyons Country Store was the go-to place for everything you needed to head out on your hunting or fishing expedition. And it still is.

Over 60 years later, Lyons Country Store has held true to its roots. It remains a family-run business, and you will still find the best selection of hunting and fishing gear and supplies in town.

From salt cod and buckwheat flour to workwear, rubber boots, hunting & fishing licenses, and snowmobile suits; EVERYTHING you need to suit up and stock up for your adventure in the great outdoors is under one roof, just as it has always been, at Lyons Country Store.

Shop our vast assortment of brand new and tried-and-true products available for hunting and fishing, and experience service reminiscent of years past, where customers are friends and friends greet each other by name.

You’ll find it all at Lyons Country Store.